The House of Debauch

The House of Debauch: The Curious Adventures of the Debauch Family and Their Struggle with Evil (Kindle Edition)

Evil preys upon the Debauch family, turning their carefree days into bloody nights. After the bookkeeper returned to New Orleans after selling the old Debauch plantation to European royalty in the summer of 1909, she seemed to have gone to the dogs. Or is it wolves? Since Count Strigor and his bestial servants took possession of the neighboring property, Clairwil hears something howling.

Her eccentric cousins, Dee and Presia, worry that Clairwil seems different since her recent illness. When Clairwil learns the secret truth about herself and her beloved brother, Zunker, he unhelpfully runs amok in the French Quarter, leaving Clairwil to manage the family funerals. Clairwil dares not ask Dee for assistance, as her love for him has been transformed into bloodlust.

As family secrets and ancient vows of Vampire Hunters are revealed to handsome Dee, young Presia is spirited away by a trio of exotic female vamps with a penchant for opium, and each other.

To save Presia, Clairwil and Dee must work together to find out who has brought this evil into the Debauch’s once sunlit, simple existence. Their struggle with dark forces leads to a showdown on Mardi Gras in the Vieux Carré, where Vampire and Lycan fangs come out and the four cousins learn what family truly means.

THE HOUSE OF DEBAUCH is a vintage, erotic Victorian vampire horror tale packed with lush historical details on the magic, history, and decadence of New Orleans. This vampire novel for adults was inspired by the ironic humor of Huysman’s A Rebours and Wilde’s Dorian Gray but belongs on a shelf with Sade’s Justine and Juliette, just across the aisle from Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. Author Clair LaVaye, born in New Orleans and currently residing in Austin, Texas, is a lover of gothic and occult lore.

Published by House of Debauch Publications, all rights reserved.

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