Bastille Dreams

Bastille Dreams: A Short Play on Marquis de Sade (Marquis de Sade: Plays) Kindle Edition

BASTILLE DREAMS explores the conflict of freedom and ethics in an erotic fantasy of a night in the Bastille with the Marquis de Sade.

Sade is visited in his Bastille cell by Simone de Beauvoir and Jack the Ripper, who question him about the limits of man’s freedom. Sade’s companions and sister muses, Justine and Juliette, assist him in the debate, but question where Sade’s philosophy of freedom leads when expressed fully.

Sade, whose name inspired the term sadism, was imprisoned in pre-revolutionary France as much for his atheism as for his cruelty. Modern historians and philosophers have been re-appraising Sade’s wicked reputation, asserting his role as a philosopher whose worldly views were ahead of his time with regard to assertion of the self and the will to power.

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